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About Gungahlin

Gungahlin is a suburb in the Canberra, Australia district with the same name; Gungahlin. The postcode is 2912. Gungahlin is the name for the entire district, and also the town centre, but it is also the name of the suburb which Gungahlin Town Centre is in. It is next to the suburbs of Ngunnawal, Palmerston, Franklin, Harrison, Throsby, Forde and Amaroo. The commercial heart of the Gungahlin Town Centre is Hibberson St, the centre’s main street, though the boundary of commercial activities in Anthony Rolfe Avenue, Gundaroo Drive and Gozzard Street. 

There are currently four retail anchor stores in the town centre, namely Coles, Woolworths, Aldi and Big W which are located in separate developments in Hibberson Street. The only licensed club in the Town Centre is the Raiders Club located at the intersection of Hibberson and Gozzard Streets. The Gungahlin Public Library officially opened in June 2011,[2] and adjoining senior high school opened later that year. Burgmann College is located in the suburb of Gungahlin.

Campus location and facilities

College building is very modern, well-appointed site suitable for an inner city training college. It has spacious, well-equipped training rooms, counselling room and a large computer lab.

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The primary mode of transport within the district is by private vehicle. The ACTION bus service provides public transport throughout Canberra and is the only form of regular public transport in the Gungahlin district.

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Public facilities

The Australian Capital Territory Emergency Services Agency operates the Gungahlin Joint Emergency Services Centre which provides with a local operations centre for Ambulance and Police & other services.

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About CBTC

Canberra Business and Technology College (CBTC) is a Registered Training Organisation (RTO), with extensive expertise in the Education Industry. Our success, and yours, is achieved by offering a wide range of innovative, creative and flexible training programs,  that suit the individual needs of each student.

At CBTC, we pride ourselves on being much more than a mere educational organisation, and understand that students have a variety of needs and concerns. Therefore, we are able to guide and help in the application process, coordinate accommodation arrangements, and airport transfers and, most importantly of all, the delivery of quality, Australian recognised educational programs to help you commence or progress your careers.


Canberra Business and Technology College (CBTC) aspires to be recognised as a leader in providing education to industry. As a centre of learning and service, CBTC works to empower students with the skills and confidence to be contributing members of the business community and society in general. We take pride in efficiently using the resources at our disposal and strive to continuously improve ourselves, our programs, and our technology.

We operate in accordance with the highest possible standards, and aim to produce similarly accomplished students who would be an asset to any organisation. To ensure this, we have highly qualified staff members who will provide you with the best possible service, advice and learning. Should you have any queries at all, we welcome you to visit our Campus, during office hours, or alternatively feel free to email or contact us by Phone.


The mission of CBTC is to provide quality vocational education and training through a suite of nationally recognised qualifications and accredited courses, that cater for both the international and domestic markets. The overall aim is to provide education and training for a skilled and adaptable workforce to meet the ever-changing needs of industry.

  • Behave in a legal, fair and ethical manner
  • Make and keep commitments to our clients, customers, agents and associates
  • Contribute to the growth and prosperity of our company through individual and team effort
  • Show respect for ourselves and others by being open and honest in all business dealings
  • Learn and support each other to carry out worthwhile high quality work

Our Testimonials

  • What is the enjoyed most in studying in CBTC is the diversity of ages and culture. Studying business with CBTC help me understand its nature. Not only they made it easy for me to understand but also assist me in acquiring the knowledge that is essential in my future success.

    I can attest to how superb the trainers/teachers are. They have made our lectures and assignments smooth and easy without any incidents.

    Diploma of Business
  • I can positively say that CBTC has provided me the required knowledge and stress free environment which helped me to develop the positive attitude towards my studies and discover more about myself. They make sure every class is fun educated and interactive. The things I admire the most about CBTC is the support I receive from the staff.

    Rajesh Reddy Konda
    Advanced Diploma of Business
  • I completed my Bachelors degree of Mechanical in India and travelled Australia with skilled Visa. In order to develop my business management skill, I decided to do diploma of business. After a keen search, I got into CBTC which was helpful to excel in the existing business which I run. The staffs are very friendly and easy to interact which is the most I like. The facilities and atmosphere in CBTC are good. It is a wonderful experience in CBTC which I would like to continue till the end of the course.

    RajClinton Pathiraj
    Diploma of Human Resource Management
  • CBTC is committed to delivering the highest stands of educational programs. The course has a friendly atmosphere where learners feel open for learning. Teachers are very resourceful and supportive. All learners in the class is found to be focused along with interactive sessions. The college learner is found to be resourceful too and easy to be measured by the learners.

    As a whole, learners experience a meaningful learning in a less stressful environment. We look forward for the same academic support from the college.

    Chouri Wanseic
    Certificate IV in Business
  • I like the friendly atmosphere of CBTC and teacher. She is very supportive in our studies. My classes are smaller and teachers has more focus on each student. I think I have improved my business skills more this year as I have learned more about it. I thanks CBTC always for giving chance to be the part as student in Australia even we are from international country.

    Yangre Lamo
    Certificate IV in Commercial Cookery
  • Currently I am doing the certificate course in Business at CBTC. The atmosphere here in friendly and teachers are close and supportive and they are motivational. All resources are available. I have gained a knowledge from the course.

    Diploma of Human Resource Management