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Australia is one of those countries that created around itself an aura of mystery and thrill. It is not only the land of kangaroos but also the third most popular destination for international students to pursue higher studies after the USA and UK. But how difficult is Australia’s university/college admission for international students? Applying to Australian institutions is easy, although it does take time and planning. You can ask for advice from the institution you are applying to directly or their education agents in your home country.

We’ve prepared a list of several simple steps you can follow which will make your application process easier.

Choose the right course: Research about the courses offered by the university/college. Consider the areas of specialization offered through different courses and the specializations that will best suit your intended career path. It is important to choose a course you are passionate about because you might not be able to swap this easily after arrival. There are a lot of options out there so explore our COURSES  to find out what CBTC has to offer.

How you want to apply: You have multiple options for how you wish to apply to a university/college in Australia. You can either apply: Yourself, directly through the university’s/college website or through an external agent. For CBTC we have a list of local agents available in a few countries; alternately drop us an email @ to know about the local agent available in your country.

Prepare to apply: Before you apply, you should check the academic and English language entry requirements to ensure you are eligible. International students usually apply directly to Australian institutions, either by post or online. You can download the INTERNATIONAL STUDENT ENROLMENT FORM for enrolment.

English and academic requirements: You must meet minimum academic and appropriate English proficiency level requirements to be accepted into college courses. The academic requirements vary according to country and course level chosen. Entry requirements are assessed by the college during the application process. Also, note that the Australian Government requires international students to meet a minimum level of academic standards before they can obtain a student visa. Besides, international students must be enrolled in a full-time study to satisfy visa requirements. Click to know about CBTC Enrolment Policy.

Take the English language exam: International students whose native language is not English must prove evidence of language competence to be admitted to study in Australia. Usually, you can prove your English knowledge by means of scores of a standardized language exam, the most popular being the IELTS. You can organise your test online via their website. Typically, IELTS is the most common language selection criterion in almost all universities/colleges in Australia.

Have your application processed:  Once the education provider receives your application it will be assessed and you will be notified of the result. It may take a few weeks before your application is processed.

Accept your offer: If your application is accepted, you will receive a letter of offer and an acceptance form. Before accepting the offer, you should carefully read the letter of offer and check any conditions that may apply. You will need to meet these conditions before the institution issues a Confirmation of Enrolment (CoE). You may also be required to pay tuition fees before your institution issues a CoE. The institution will advise you of its requirements.

Apply for your visa: You need to get that all-important visa pass. You can apply directly through the Australian immigration website.

Begin your studies: Keep all documents ready for easy access when you are being processed through arrivals. All should go well if you have followed the procedure outlined, and then you can kick back and relax.

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