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The competition is getting stronger day by day. There are multiple options coming up every day to choose from various education programs to pursue. As it’s seen that degree courses are given preference, but the diploma courses are also equally important. If seen from a perspective, the diploma courses offer better opportunities. You can get a better understanding of these courses like a bit bigger version of certificate courses. As these courses are shorter duration courses, they also offer better technical skills. 

Some key benefits of diploma graduates are:

  • At CBTC there are many courses available for different professions. Students can follow their passion and pursue the course they think best suited to them.
  • As the students in these courses are trying to learn something, it creates more of a healthy environment for studies.
  • The exam system is also very easy and much more flexible in comparison to degree courses. 


More and more students are opting for the diploma courses over the degree ones and they are having a better understanding that if they have the right skill set, there will be a lot of opportunities ahead.

Easy job placement

The degree courses are based on theoretical teaching. What happens is these courses are not able to provide you with better job opportunities. The diploma courses focus on practical knowledge and the students are able to land themselves in a job faster and a lot easier. The theory doesn’t provide you the confidence that you need. When you know about the practical implications, you can easily apply them to your job without wasting any time. 

Start earning

By doing a degree course, you will get the job but the pay scale will be a lot lower and it will grow at a very gradual pace. Whereas, the degree course is capable of landing you in a position where you can start earning in 5-figures from the very start. 

Less time-taking

When you opt for the degree course, you get yourself in a long-time course. Generally, the length of a degree course is around 3-4 years. The case is not the same as the diploma courses where you can get a diploma in 2 years as well. The theory classes need more time to get completed but as the diploma courses are based on practical knowledge, they take less time in the comparison. Hence, you will be ready to get yourself a job a lot earlier than the degree course. 

Better value for money

In comparison with the degree courses, diploma courses can be done in way less money. As you will no longer need longer accommodation and the class hours. There are also some government schemes that students can opt for.

Flexible learning

The starting time of the course is also not fixed like the degree courses. There are multiple slots keep opening up throughout the year. The students who are in any job can also go with these courses as they also have night classes. 

These are just some benefits to why students are bending more towards the diploma courses. Among these courses, the most obvious reason is the cost-effectiveness and the practical nature of education. 

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