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Moving Overseas can be exciting as well as challenging. It’s a rollercoaster ride of hopes, opportunities, and hard work. Sometimes you take tough decisions that have satisfying and amazing results. The Important thing to do while moving abroad is to pack all the necessary items. You need to prioritize your possessions while packing. Carefully assess your actual needs by considering the country you are moving to, the weather condition, importation regulations, etc. Packing for a relocation is much more complicated than your regular travel trip.

To the rescue: Here are our top tips to pack efficiently and effectively.

Limit Yourself: No matter what folding method you use; your winter coat will always take up more space. Choose your coat wisely, pack one winter jacket and two regular jackets, likewise replace three-four tops with two sweaters. Just be smart in packing heavy items as they can be repurchased.

Use Vacuum/Compression Sacks:  It enables you to compress your clothes into easy pack size. Compression bags reduce the bulk of larger items as it pushes out excess air from the bag. They are airtight, reusable and save more space. 

Use of Carryon Bags: If you have an orientation or any meeting to attend after arrival, try to pack essential things in your Carryon Bag you don’t need to unpack your luggage immediately. Make sure you know the carry-on restrictions and carry-on allowances for the airline you’re flying. 

Utilize the Spaces: Try to use space available. Shoes are free space, so use them to stuff your socks, backup charger, electric adaptor, or many small items. This will help in utilising space.

Pack Liquid Efficiently: If you are carrying Lotion, cream, shampoo or any liquid item, you can either cover their caps with masking tape or use a Plastic Cling Wrap. You can also use sealable plastic bags. In case of a spill, they are not going to ruin other items.

Make a Checklist: Writing up a list of what you plan to take before packing can save time. List all the important items you need to pack and remember this line “if it’s not on my list, I won’t put it in my bag.”. It will help you stay organized.

Document Backup: Save a copy of any important document on the cloud as well as a portable device. Keep an image of all the documents like IDs, passport, letters in your phone as a backup. In case these documents get stolen or lost you can access them any time, even without the Internet.

Packing Medication: Take at least a month’s supply of any regular medicines you take, along with the Doctor’s prescription. You might find difficulty in finding the exact medicine overseas. 

Use Tag: It’s very common for people to grab the wrong suitcase at the baggage claim. Make it easy to spot your luggage by tying a colorful Bag Strap or unique baggage tag. 

Double-check all the items packed before moving day. Take only what you require daily and things that are not easily available overseas. Leave everything else behind and start afresh as you can always purchase what you need later.

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