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Make a career in HR with a Diploma of Human Resource Management (course code BSB50618 )

Looking for a career start? It can be hard to know how to begin. We will show you how to kick start the right way and make your future bright with a Diploma in Human Resource Management.

What is HRM?

The practice of recruiting, hiring, forming and managing an organization’s employees is known as Human Resource Management. It is an integral part of the functioning of an organization from a larger point of view.

 It mainly includes managing people as a group between the employees and the management of the organization.

CBTC offers a diploma program which you can opt-for for becoming a successful HR professional in various sectors.

The training program will provide you with all the educational resources to make you qualified as an individual who can work in various roles of the human resource department.

After the completion of this course, you’ll have the skills of hiring and retaining professionals in an organization. You will also know various processes and tasks of a Human Resource Manager. You’ll demonstrate a variety of management skills that ensure that human resource management is effectively carried out in the organization in which you will be employed.

Know more about the core modules of this course.

1. Manage Human Resource Services

The above module emphasizes the skills and knowledge essential for planning, managing, evaluating and delivering human resource services, implementation of business ethics, etc.

It applies to the individuals having the responsibility to coordinate a variety of human resource services in an organization.

2. Manage recruitment selection and induction processes

The above module emphasizes the skills and knowledge essential for the recruitment of professionals in an organization adhering to its policies, rules, and regulations. It involves the individuals who conduct the recruitment process and assigning the new positions to those who are recruited in an organization.

3. Develop and manage performance-management processes

The above module emphasizes the skills and knowledge essential for managing all aspects of performance management in accordance with organizational policies and procedures. It requires the implementation of performance management processes and to coordinate individual or group learning and development to encourage effective employee performance.

4. Manage workforce planning

The above module involves the required skills and knowledge which is essential for planning in accordance with an organizations workforce which includes enquiry about the requirement, development of objectives and strategies, etc. This often involves Individuals who are focused on workforce planning.

5. Implement and monitoring of WHS policies, procedures, and programs to meet legislative requirements

The above module emphasizes implementing and monitoring organizational work health and policies regarding the safety of its employees in their work area to meet legislative requirements. This often involves the individuals who have a supervisory role in the health and safety of workers inside an organization.

6. Manage employee relations

This module gives an emphasis on the development and implementation of the employee, industrial policies and plans inside an organization. It involves the individuals who are authorized to supervise industrial conflicts, grievance management in a given organization.

How to enrol into the qualification

Candidates may enter the qualification through these entry points:

•    BSB41015 Certificate IV in Human Resources or other relevant qualification,


•    With vocational experience in a range of work environments in senior support roles but without a qualification.

Please also refer to the CBTC course brochure to know more. Click here to open the brochure.

Possible career outcomes

Career pathways of this qualification include roles such as Executive officer, Human Resources Manager, Admin manager or Human resources consultant.


We have defined the role of human resources to build a successful career. Hopefully, the content will help you to a better understanding of this course structure with CBTC Australia. For more information, drop us an email at or fill our enquiry form by clicking here.

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