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Jobs you can get after Business Studies (BSB30115 Certificate III in Business)

If you are interested in administrative or customer relations, then “BSB30115 Certificate III” in business is the perfect course for you. Here, you can gain knowledge about a wide range of practical, skill-based studies only if you go through a systematic learning process. You can learn significant business roles and skills successfully and it facilitates to develop your career possibilities.

Course summary

The BSB30115 Certificate III business course provided by CBTC acquaints you with the world of technology, processing word, spreadsheets creation, customer relationship, and service. Your qualification in this course will help you to build a stable career in business. You will develop the skills which are required to manage the workplace. This course will facilitate you to be confident in starting your own business.

The course “BSB30115 Certificate III” will help you to study about WHS legislation, code of ethics to maintain effective relationships in the workplace, practical skills in planning, creating a document, prioritizing workplace managing and communications.

This course has been formed with the national standards and conditions of business administration. It has been tied with realistic practical life-based activities to encourage you to enhance your skills and knowledge for a successful business career. With time, you will obtain valuable knowledge about how to interact with the customer and the business world.

Jobs you can do with BSB30115 Certificate III in Business

As per your interest and skills, you can easily land any job according to your strengths and weaknesses with BSB30115 Certificate III. Once you complete your Business course, there are many options that will be open for you to try.

Data Entry Operator

As an operator of data entry, your work will be to make sure that the data is compiled, well categorized, and verified, before submitting it or recording it in a magnetic or electronic structure. Data entry includes various fields of business, like accounts, sales, information of the customer, etc. People who have high detail-oriented attention or methodical in nature, this work will best-suited for them.

 General Clerk

The position of the General Clerk in an office can be easily gained with the course. In this job area, you must be organized. Maintaining the office schedules, managing company records, emails, officials’ documents – these are some roles you need to play as a Clerk.


Every office and business have a front desk and a receptionist. This is one of the most essential posts for any business company. You can secure this job with confidence after finishing your course in BSB30115 Certificate III. The customers, clients or guests go to the receptionist first for some information. So, they play a vital part to create the first impression on the client. 

That means you need to answer all the official phone calls, messages, have to greet the guests, arranging meetings date and much more. A warm, positive, handsome, pleasing personality is much needed for this role. CBTC course has inbuilt learning to groom these personalities easily.

Payroll Officer

Every employee in a business is paid by the management, so it is obvious that every company requires a Payroll officer. Your area will be keeping track of the company records, managing accounting software, keeping a record of all the employee information, and calculating the financial data.

You will be trained for this roll in the BSB30115 Certificate III Business course with care.

Some other areas that you can venture with this course are:

  • Word processor
  • Typist
  • Customer service advisor
  • Human resource clerk
  • Junior and Administration Assistant

CBTC “BSB30115 Certificate III” in business will educate you with the real-world practical knowledge, rather than focusing on the old theory methods. This qualification will definitely open the doorway to the diverse job opportunities all across Australia, from health service to the manufacturing industry.  Also, we are currently running a promotion on the tuition fee by offering up to 39% discount

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