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Being a student, you can probably feel that even 24 hours is not enough for you to manage your studies and your schedule in a day. Completing assignments before the deadline and preparing for the examination can occupy you so much. Plus, you have other commitments to complete. 

The main aim of education is not making a person read and write properly. The main aim/purpose of education is to give us the ability to differentiate between what is right and wrong and what is just and unjust. It gives you the power to question anything wrong.

So, here are some great tips for you to efficiently manage your time, study smarter (not harder) and get good grades.

Finding a good place to study: Finding a good study space is an important part of effective studying. It should be less distractive, lesser to no noise in the background. Make sure there is no visual distraction at all.

Create a daily study to-do list: Make a study schedule and stick with it. A to-do list helps you identify all outstanding work and tasks. Figure out what you need to do for each subject or exam.

Prioritizing task: Make a list of undone tasks. You can divide large assignments into parts. Focus on your most important tasks.

Use a timer: There are many websites which help in maintaining a timer like tomato-timer where you can set long and short breaks as well. Instead of classic 25 minutes session and 5 minutes break, follow 45 minutes session and 15 minutes break. This will let you focus for long on your subject and long breaks to handle phone calls and stuff like that.

Take physical activity break: Go for a small walk, cycling or any physical activity as it will oxygenate your brain and body. It also flushes out stress from your system.

Enough sleep time: Take at least 7-8 hours of quality sleep as getting a great night sleep is critical to optimal cognitive functioning during the day. A new study suggests that staying up late to try to memorize the information has the opposite effect, giving the brain no “downtime” to let the knowledge sink in.

Munch on healthy snacks: Put down all the dressed chips, fries, and chocolates, as they might be delicious but not healthy for your brain. The right snacks can boost your ability to focus and make you more productive and active. You can have almonds, air-popped popcorn, Fruit salad, veggies, etc. 

Make proper notes: Making better notes will help you remember concepts and gain a better understanding of a topic you are studying. It also helps in making a connection between topics. Organise your topic content in important key points which you can go through any time.

Avoid using gadgets and the internet: Your time and studies are more important than any time wasted over the internet. You can use the internet on your break time. After such time, make sure that you attend to your studies and do not use the Internet for entertainment until your next scheduled break.

Reward yourself: Reward systems do work and are highly effective in maintaining motivation to study. Create a list of your topmost rewarding and enjoyable activities that you can enjoy after the completion of each task. Break your pattern from a studious state to a fun and light state. Listen to your favourite music and jam out.

Remember to revise: If you don’t study for a few days or weeks it will be very difficult to catch up. Each day start your revision early as at that point of time your brain is more fresh and thus more receptive. You can practice past year question papers and look for the question you don’t remember.

Stay positive and motivated: It’s tough to study when you’ve seemingly lost all motivation. Anger, anxiety, and disappointment will try to discourage you from succeeding, so don’t let those emotions in. Go through some motivation quotes while on a break as it will boost the positivity in you.

The best way to study is to find out the best way for you to retrieve this information. Do not study continuously for more than 3 hours because you will be disengaged.

If you put forth the effort to study effectively, the improved skills will soon become a habit and be just as natural as breathing. Good Luck!

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